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Reisen | Länder

23 Alben

An assortment of traditional Irish and Celtic compositions that would fit in any irish country pub with a guiness, or underlay typical irish or celtic images of rolling green countryside, village fairs, or collies herding sheep around the emerald fields. Played by accordion, guitars and flutes.

Für das Weltmusik-Feeling: Musik aus dem Osten Afrikas wird mit indischen Klängen zu einem interkontinentalen Cross-Over verschmolzen. Für globale Dokumentationen über die Welt und Szenen aus den kulturellen Schmelztiegeln der Welt.

From a deep soulful dirge, to foot stomping vodka fuelled traditional balalaikas and cimbalom, whether on the Siberian wastes, overlooking the tundra in spring, or a vodka sipping, Cossack dancing evening in a village tavern, you will find all you need for musical accompaniment in these excellent authentic compositions.