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Cover artwork UBM 2356
UBM 2356
Cover artwork UBM 2354
UBM 2354
Cover artwork UBM 2353
UBM 2353
Cover artwork UBM 2352
UBM 2352
Cover artwork UBM 2351
UBM 2351
Cover artwork UBM 2350
UBM 2350
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UBM 2349
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UBM 2348
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UBM 2347
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UBM 2346
Cover artwork HT0420
Cover artwork HT0411

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Color Cielo UBM 2142

Authentische akustische Musik mit lateinamerikanischem und mediterranem Flair.

Angst UBM 2152

Elektronische Drones und subtile Underscores sorgen für eine unheimliche Atmosphäre

Mind Games UBM 2170

Gefühlvolle, menschliche und warme Underscores mit Marimba als Melodieinstrument.

Minimalism Red UBM 2208

This part of the Minimalism double album has a slightly warmer undertone. 52 unobtrusive, mostly neutral tracks that are ideal for images of society, history and relaxation.

TV Tension UBM 2225

Perfect for action, sports & drama! These powerful scores provide your images with just the right amount of energy and force.

Real Stories UBM 2265

Elated, minimalistic and diversive tracks for feel-good and easy-going images.

Gates UBM 2277

Is anyone out there? This smart electronic album sounds futuristic and is suitable for thrilling moments and images of space, science fiction, new technology and research.

Mozart UBM 2293

10 beautiful, simple, classical harp arrangements of mozart compositions for any classical scenes, nature images, or travel documentaries.