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New York 4PM UBM 2106

Der Soundtrack für einen Nachmittag im Big Apple: Stadt, Natur & Tagträumen

Mediterranean Songs UBM 2115

Mediterrane Folk-und Pop-Musik, Französischer und Italienischer Lifestyle

Guitar Emotions UBM 2147

Natur-und wunderschöne Akustik-Gitarre Stimmungen innerhalb der modernen filmischen Anordnung

Power Pop UBM 2210

Various styles of energetic pop music: from funk to electro, from hardrock to catchy indiepop.

Boombox UBM 2234

20 exciting contemporary tracks directly from the dancefloor. High-energy electronic music in different styles.

Investigative 2 UBM 2241

This continuation of the popular 'Investigative' album contains 25 new tracks for suspense, research, modern investigation and secret activities.

Wildlife UBM 2276

An acoustic journey of discovery into the marvels of nature and wild animals, this album comes packed full of energy and surprises. Acoustic sound, accentuated with piano, guitar and marimba.

Tensed Motion UBM 2298

A collection of tracks and soundscapes including industrial and electronica elements to perfectly underscore any tension, suspense, mysterious or exciting images.