Playlist image Best of "Hollywood Trax"
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Best of "Hollywood Trax"

Dunkle, dramatische und spannungsgeladene Orchesterstimmen und Orchestermischungen lassen uns faszinierend dramatische Bilder verfolgen - Emotionen pur.

Tracks (20)

  1. Age Of Heroes 3 HT0408

    Epic dramatic & heroic orchestral/rock hybrid that keeps building to climatic finale

  2. On The Hunt HT0407

    Dark, mysterious track that has pulsing momentum

  3. Covert Action HT0412

    Intense and sunspensful track featuring orchestral, percussive, and electronic elements.

  4. Dark Madness HT0411

    Dark and dangerous with building tension

  5. Imminent HT0406

    Haunting track that sounds like you are pursuing, or being pursued

  6. Absentia HT0408

    Small orchestral piece with feelings of terror and hopelessness.

  7. Night Ice HT0407

    slow, suspensful, sparse, creepy

  8. Persepolis HT0416

    Epic Cinematic Action Trailer with a hint of middle Eastern Mystery & Adventure. Tense Atmospheric Intro, followed by Dramatic builds & Intense Energy

  9. Wake Up HT0063

    Orchestral track with pulsing strings, and heavy percussion. Grabs attention out of the gate. Hit @ :23. Sense of Drama throughout the track.

  10. Decisions Made HT0408

    Eerie, pensive and emotional instrumental cue featuring piano.

  11. We Will Prevail HT0416

    Dramatic/Action Orchestral

  12. Time To Choose HT0407

    Pulsing track that sounds like an inquiry or investigation is taking place

  13. Big Moment HT0063

    Pulsing orchestra track with pulsing strings, brass, and heavy percussion. Heavy drama, willing to engage a battle against all odds

  14. Angst And Fear HT0412

    Building dramatic score for Horror and Suspense, featuring strange percussion, a heartbeat-like kick drum, dark layers, pounding floor toms and hectic strings.

  15. Spinning Darkness HT0407

    Moody Electro

  16. Political Treachery HT0416

    Suspenseful hybrid orchestral track with an undercurrent of impedending deception

  17. Trauma Waves HT0407

    Dark synths, kicks, bass, evil is coming, percussion and loops

  18. Thin Ice HT0063

    Driving orchestra track with pulsing strings, and heavy percussion. Suspense and tension builds toward a climax.

  19. Overdrive HT0416

    Driving action orchestral hybrid featuring powerful drums and soaring brass

  20. Mind Control HT0412

    A tense orchestral hybrid tension track evolving danger and pent-up rage.