Tracks (20)

  1. Southeast

    Langsamer Track mit E-Gitarren und Loop-Sequenzen, die leicht melancholisch sind.

    Komponiert von Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  2. Sitting Bull

    Dieser rhythmische Track zwischen Rockabilly, Country und Rock'n'Roll wird von Gitarren und männlichem Gesang unterstützt.

    Komponiert von Fayreground

  3. Saloon

    Rhythmische und unscheinbare Loungemusik, die perfekt zu den Bildern eines modernen Salons passt. Gitarre, Bass und Schlagzeug.

    Komponiert von Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  4. Wanted

    Dunkler Country Gitarrentrack. Diese Komposition bietet einen Klang für beeindruckende Landschaften oder raue Bilder und Dokumentationen über abenteuerliche Leben.

    Komponiert von Fayreground

  5. Squaw A

    Country Folksong, der sich für romantische Bilder, Natur- und Landschaftsaufnahmen eignet. Vintage-Gitarren und Synthesizer.

    Komponiert von Fayreground

  6. Squaw B

    Country Folksong mit Mundharmonika, geeignet für romantische Bilder, Natur- und Landschaftsaufnahmen. Vintage Gitarren und Synthesizer.

    Komponiert von Fayreground

  7. Gold Rush

    This dynamic track is driven by the banjo and solid country rock. Perfect to underlay deep south or sons of anarchy! type themes.

    Komponiert von Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  8. Trapper

    A neo dark country track that would be perfect for any tarantino film! With a dark and jaunty beat that will suit travel reports, road movies and advertisments.

    Komponiert von Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  9. Tuco

    This spaghetti western track comes with drums, trumpets and a whistled tune. Perfect for the appaerance of the main actor in a western movie. Ennio Morricone sends his regards!

    Komponiert von Mathias Goetz, Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  10. La Rissa

    Romantic, or contemplative composition, with a slow main melody including a heavy electric guitar, accompanied by acustic guitar. Suitable for emotional movie scenes and images.

    Komponiert von Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  11. Gringo

    Rhythmic, fast track, fits perfectly with a 60s, 70s roadmovie or a chase sequence.

    Komponiert von Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  12. Few Dollars

    Texmex special!! Electric guitar and spanish vocals determine this track that reminds you of mexican tequila sessions enjoyed on the beach. Triumphant, thrilling, fast tempo track.

    Komponiert von Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  13. Prayer

    Ska, punk and western meet in this very fast, dynamic quirky song. including a choir of female, light gospel backing vocals. The blues brothers would be well served with this composition.

    Komponiert von Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  14. Corazon

    Quirky country meets spanish pop. In the chorus the hero tries to flattering convince the lady he longs for called Maria in a tongue in cheek manner. Suitable for summer images and commercials.

    Komponiert von Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold

  15. Orange Gun

    Cinematic spaghetti western music. The electric guitar in the foreground creates a rhytmic and melancholic tune. For thoughtful and atmospheric images it is ideal.

    Komponiert von Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  16. Tombstone

    Country blues meets folk. A steel dobro slide and easy picking style adds the deep south to your projects.

    Komponiert von Werner Ponikowski

  17. Insidious

    Mysterious sounds reminiscent of pink panther sneaking up the stairs. Or the munsters pottering around the house.

    Komponiert von Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  18. Rappee

    An easy, dark country folk composition with a deep groovy line, lounge music for a perfect sunny afternoon. Alligators and moonshine.

    Komponiert von Fayreground

  19. Velvet Monday

    Melancholic, contemplative and breezy track suitable for romantic or tragic comedies, road trips and thoughtful images.

    Komponiert von Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold

  20. Dakota Road

    Texmex, western slow, single strummed chords create this atmospheric, light melancholic track. Suitable for documentaries of deserted towns being reclaimed by nature. Or thought provoking western themes.

    Komponiert von Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold