Tracks (12)

  1. Mystery And Battle

    Somber beginning, then strings pick up tempo. Epic, hybrid orchestra sound. Drums set in at 01:52. Majestic and triumphant. Grand finale with choir.

    Komponiert von Anselm Kreuzer

  2. Heavy Cavalry

    Urgent, very dramatic. Brass, timpani and marching snare drums imply images of medieval warfare and epic battles.

    Komponiert von Reinhard Schaub

  3. Black Weapon

    Cinematic orchestral sound. Military marching drums and fanfares. Faster middlepart for a feeling of rush and urgency.

    Komponiert von Reinhard Schaub

  4. Battle Morning

    Pacing, driving track for adventure and action. Suggests power, might and military strength. Calmer end part.

    Komponiert von Andreas Kolinski

  5. Super Agent

    Modern soundtrack for action, drama and thriller. Cinematic sound with plenty of busy drumming and unnerving string notes. Extremely tense and exciting.

    Komponiert von Anselm Kreuzer

  6. Hero From Another World

    Nervous beginning with strings and brass. Classic dark sound for super heroes and inexplainable phenomena.

    Komponiert von Andreas Kolinski

  7. Entering The Battle

    Focused, mystical, grandiose. Broad Hollywood sound combining orchestra, drums and choir into a captivating mix.

    Komponiert von Anselm Kreuzer

  8. Dawn Of The Assassin

    Theatric strings and rousing drums define this epic track for historical films, adventure movies and comic book adaptations.

    Komponiert von Reinhard Schaub

  9. Battle To Death

    Startling, tense atmosphere. Timpani and snare drum rolls add extra excitement to the frantic strings. Dramatic, on alert, ready for action.

    Komponiert von Andreas Kolinski

  10. The Champion

    Electronic drums, choir and bass-heavy synthesizer. Lighter piano and guitar parts by way of variation. Both modern and epic, with dubstep elements.

    Komponiert von Reinhard Schaub

  11. Undoubted Winner

    Moving, triumphant and emotional. With choir, drums and strings. Big movie sound. For trailers, action, adventure, history.

    Komponiert von Anselm Kreuzer

  12. Fallen Heroes

    Flute and military snare drum evolve into emotional, instrospect composition. Celebratory, nostalgic, serious.

    Komponiert von Guido Jöris