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Hollywood Trax

The Hollywood Trax catalogue includes thousands of unique selections in all musical styles.

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Somewhere between Light and Heavy you will arrive at Medium (Rock that is). Still plenty of angst, Blues, Prog, overdrive and banginê but just not as much as what is found under Heavy.¾ That help?

Hard Rock, Metal crunchy guitars driving drums and bass hook young teenage boys into a life of petty crime (like speeding in muscle cars), mosh pitting while and banging ones head. We have 11 pretty good examples for your auditioning pleasure.

Take out the overdriven guitars and basses, way tone down the drums and the volume and you may either fall asleep or find yourself in our Light Rock album where there are 11 really nice cues that are both light and Rock.

All but 3 of the 21 tracks are by one composer who has worked with¾Britney Spears, Calvin Harris, NSync, Backstreet Boys and David Foster. What does this have to do with Promos?¾ Nuttinê but it is a good discog right?