Tracks (15)

  1. Crave For Energy

    High-energy Punk Rock with a constant drive, rich power chords, a catchy embeddeed melody line and a clear Verse-Chorus structure.

    Komponiert von Julian Angel

  2. All Out Assault

    Gitarrengetriebener aggressiver Hardrock

    Komponiert von Patrick John Tracy

  3. Force of Dragons

    A driving hard Rock instrumental. Features electric guitar, bass, and drums.

    Komponiert von Dave Tough, Matthew Stephen Reviere

  4. No Doubt in your Mind

    Alternative rock, driving rhythem section and distorted guitar melody, guitar, bass, and drums

    Komponiert von Jonathan Royce Berger

  5. Plus Ultra

    High Energy Rock Instrumental

    Komponiert von Lawrence DeMarco

  6. Punky Brewster

    A fast paced Punk influenced Indie Rock instrumental. Features electric guitar, bass, and drums.

    Komponiert von Dave Tough

  7. SPEED

    Extreem Up Tempo Rock GuitarTrack

    Komponiert von John Robert Hemingway, Adrian Ricardo Tignanelli

  8. Star Of The Game

    An upbeat sports rock track with a catchy chorus. Layered guitar power chords and octaves over big rock drums.

    Komponiert von Kyle William Sutton

  9. All Day Every Day

    Driving modern guitar rock with an alt edge

    Komponiert von Frank Richard Rogala, Jason Bryan Eldridge

  10. Achieving Success

    Driving upbeat rock track with an aspirational and optimistic feel, loads of energy and plenty of attitude.

    Komponiert von Chris Raggatt

  11. Impact

    Hard hitting rock track with guitars, bass and drums. Organ, synth and SFX supplement the production.

    Komponiert von Bryan Steele

  12. Here We Go

    Upbeat Rock Track, high energy, rhythm guitars, drums, and bass. Simple verse/chorus structure. Steady pace throughout.

    Komponiert von Giovanni Saliceti

  13. Run Til You Drop

    Upbeat driving hard rock instrumental track.

    Komponiert von Charles E Maiden

  14. Tru Git Bed Rock

    hard rock instrumental

    Komponiert von John Douglas Covert

  15. Wheels Burning

    Hard Rock track containing a driving drum rock beat with electric guitars.

    Komponiert von Elddy Cirilo Trevino