Tracks (15)

  1. I Don't Care Anymore

    Hard Rock Song with Female Vocal about blowing off an old lover.

    Komponiert von Jeannette E Redding, Marco F Moir

  2. Rise Up

    Female vocal power Rock brooding guitar heavy bluesy sexy groovy

    Komponiert von Nina Josette Zeitlin, Christopher David Campanaro

  3. Calling My Name

    80s Rock style.

    Komponiert von Robert Haas, Kristin Massey

  4. Calling My Name Lead

    80s Rock style.

    Komponiert von Robert Haas, Kristin Massey

  5. Fury

    Fun, energetic & driving hard rock

    Komponiert von Christian Gerald Lebrun

  6. Hurts Like Hell

    80s Punk Rock style.

    Komponiert von Robert Haas, Kristin Massey

  7. Light A Match

    hard hitting rock n roll hair metal sounding feel good groove with vocals

    Komponiert von Atara Rosalie Glazer, Ron I Geffen

  8. Pitter Patter

    Fun, energetic and fast-tempo punk/emo/pop/rock

    Komponiert von Christian Gerald Lebrun

  9. Keep Swinging

    High voltage driven rock song with love and passion.

    Komponiert von Alexander Tishchenko, Victor Koletchko

  10. Knock It Down

    Snotty Punk Rock about a defiant Girl Telling a Guy Off

    Komponiert von June Marie Biancalana, Lisa Haye Mathena

  11. M.A.D.

    In your face Heavy Rock with big vocals and screaming vocals over heavy guitars

    Komponiert von Atara Rosalie Glazer

  12. Someone To Blame

    Guitar driven Female Song about A woman telling a guy He's always looking for someone to blame his bad behaviour on

    Komponiert von Agona Mary Hardison, Jeffrey Scornavacca

  13. King And Queen

    Cool Indie Rock with a quirky female vocal, slide guitar and lyrics about celebrity trash

    Komponiert von Judith Clare Algar, Nick Nicholas

  14. Temperamental Angel

    90s Alternative Pop-Rock about a Girl Asking a Boy to accept her as She is even though she's a Tempermamental Angel

    Komponiert von Gilli Moon

  15. Honor My Wrath

    Epic symphonic metal song with an oriental flavor. Female vocals, heavy down-tuned guitars, hard-hitting drums, supplemented by orchestral and ethnic percussion elements. An exciting, cinematic journey.

    Komponiert von Michael Cirak