Tracks (18)

  1. Getaway

    Smooth, slick, Yacht Rock song about getting away from the rat race to a tropical beach paradise. A nice, laid-back, tropical, caribbean feel. Slick production, clean, beautiful harmony vocals and a light, catchy melody.

    Komponiert von Steven Mark Rossi, Aaron Chapman Keen

  2. It's Beach Weather

    California Surf Music with vocals

    Komponiert von Donald Robert de Brauwere

  3. Living For The Good Times

    Late 60 ies early 70ies track with a good feel vibe multiple vocal harmonies and rich orchestration

    Komponiert von Volker Barber

  4. Vanessa Smile

    Yacht Rock song about seeing a beautiful girl during rush hour

    Komponiert von Steven Mark Rossi, Aaron Chapman Keen

  5. Love Gets

    romantic passionate hopeful love song

    Komponiert von Roy Ernest Eberitzsch

  6. Where I'm Meant to Be

    Yacht Rock Song about being free from the rat race on a beach somewhere

    Komponiert von Richard J Burke, Frank Julius Aimetti

  7. Sail Away Lovers

    Yacht Rock song about a beautiful Day Sailng On The Ocean

    Komponiert von Stanley Crandall Morris, Steven Wesley Guiles

  8. Travel

    Layered Vocal Yacht Rock_New Age Track about a beautiul day in the sunshine.

    Komponiert von Elin Anna Maerta Kran

  9. What You See Is What You Get

    Soft Rock Ballad about just being who you are

    Komponiert von Scott Rumsby

  10. Keeping The Hope Alive

    Beautiful Song about Hope with 3 part Female Vocal harmony

    Komponiert von Diane Kay Lindsay, Jeannette E Redding, Claudia Russel Kaplan

  11. The Only One

    Soft Rock Song about someone strugging to save a realtionship

    Komponiert von Christopher Brian Raggatt

  12. Puppet Dance

    Rock Song with Soprano Sax about someone who's under the control of a lover.

    Komponiert von W.R. Witchita, Shane Lin

  13. Be Anything

    Smooth Jazz_Soft Rock Song about being able to succeed at anything.

    Komponiert von Jennifer M Cook, Keith Senior

  14. Dream Girl

    Soft Rock Track where a man describes the girl of his dreams

    Komponiert von Gerard M Velona

  15. Something To Reach For

    Uplifting Soft Rock Song about fighting to accomplish a goal

    Komponiert von Scott Rumsby

  16. I Can't Forget About Those Times

    Soft Rock song where a man remembers the best times of his life

    Komponiert von Donald Robert de Brauwere

  17. Glad To Get Away

    Soft rock track describing how nice it is to get away for awhile

    Komponiert von Bradley Frank Gillis, Osie Nelson Brown, David Bradley Mau

  18. You Are My Love Song

    A sweet Song about how my lover is my love song

    Komponiert von James McAvoy Light