Tracks (17)

  1. Serious Hero Action

    Orchestral track starts off with suspense then quickly tunrs to epic hardcore action.

    Komponiert von Elle Spencer Lewis

  2. Silence Imagine

    Melodic pop rock cinematic track with forward motion

    Komponiert von Edd Charmant

  3. Something Behind Me

    Orchestral Dramatic piece that increases tension scene by scene

    Komponiert von John du Pont, Henry Winckel

  4. The Chase

    Orchestral dramatic piece that builds to a climax in a Film Noir style

    Komponiert von John du Pont, Henry Winckel

  5. The Verdict

    Cinematic orchestral track with a soft mysterious intro which builds up gradually to an epic finale with rock elements

    Komponiert von Edd Charmant

  6. Trapped in Paradise

    A musical diptych meditates on change of fortunes and how a blissful situation may unfold into a tragedy without warning.

    Komponiert von Victor Koletchko, Alexander Tishchenko

  7. Under The Radar

    A sweeping anthem for going to war that starts determined and becomes anthemic

    Komponiert von Elle Spencer Lewis

  8. Chasing Life

    Tense, Epic Cinematic Action with great forward momentum. Upbeat, Edgy & Contempoary with futuristic Adventure undertones

    Komponiert von Edd Charmant

  9. Persepolis

    Epic Cinematic Action Trailer with a hint of middle Eastern Mystery & Adventure. Tense Atmospheric Intro, followed by Dramatic builds & Intense Energy

    Komponiert von Edd Charmant

  10. Above And Beyond

    Orchestral track that starts off mysteriously, then becomes epic

    Komponiert von John du Pont, Henry Winckel

  11. Overdrive

    Driving action orchestral hybrid featuring powerful drums and soaring brass

    Komponiert von Michael Turner, Henry Winckel

  12. Bring It On Winckel

    Intense aggressive action orchestral hybrid that has a dramatic and energetic feel

    Komponiert von Henry Winckel

  13. Night Of The Orcs

    Dark sinister track featuring menacing horns, foreboding synths, ominous strings and powerful drums.

    Komponiert von Henry Winckel

  14. From The Depths

    High energy driving track with a sense of urgency.

    Komponiert von Kurt F Gellersted

  15. Political Treachery

    Suspenseful hybrid orchestral track with an undercurrent of impedending deception

    Komponiert von Elle Spencer Lewis

  16. Urgent Agenda

    High octane rock hybrid orchestral track that never lets up on the action

    Komponiert von Elle Spencer Lewis

  17. We Will Prevail

    Dramatic/Action Orchestral

    Komponiert von Amos Edward Carlen