Tracks (15)

  1. A Killer Ghost

    Suspense and action music track that starts with anxious slow piono chords, then explodes into a high speed fantasy - searching for the unknown.

    Komponiert von Alexander Tishchenko, Victor Koletchko

  2. Adventurous Discoveries

    Sweeping Cinematic track full of drama and suspense slowly builds to an epic finale.

    Komponiert von Edd Charmant

  3. Ascentions And Falls

    Beautifuly arranged cinematic track written for violin, piano and keyboards built to remind a gradual ascention of the human spirit, capable of overcoming anything for the bliss of conquest.

    Komponiert von Victor Koletchko, Alexander Tishchenko

  4. Bent Ballet

    Dramatic/Action Orchestral

    Komponiert von Amos Edward Carlen

  5. Big In Japan

    Orchestral Asian influenced pop featuring traditional japanese instruments along with contemporary Western instruments

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  6. Big News

    A driving, exciting orchestral track with marcato strings, anthemic brass and huge drums. Ready for the excitement!

    Komponiert von Bryan Steele

  7. Bravo Adventure

    Dramatic Orchestra with Big Drums

    Komponiert von David Keen

  8. Calm Storm Calm Shuffle

    Men on a mission, determined to succeed, entrancing guitar motif, sustained meaninful ending

    Komponiert von David J Criden, Efrem Van Bergman

  9. Dark Before The Dawn

    Piano driven intense orchestral cue that builds to high climax when dawn breaks and calm returns.

    Komponiert von Laurel Gonzalo

  10. Doomed Mission

    Solemn orchestral piece conveying the sense of the inevitable, destiny in action expressed by music .

    Komponiert von Victor Koletchko, Alexander Tishchenko

  11. Emotional Journey

    Orchestration feels like an ocean voyage through unknown waters, sustained ending

    Komponiert von David J Criden, Efrem Van Bergman

  12. Epic Move Drama

    Dramatic and Epic modern contemporary orchestral soundtracking piece with electronic elements in the style of Hans Zimmer. Huge and scary and cool

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  13. Epic Spartan Battle

    Epic ancient battle music like The 300.

    Komponiert von Elle Spencer Lewis

  14. Epic Victorious Battle

    Musical impressions of a monumental challenge, assault and conquest, and big climax

    Komponiert von Efrem Van Bergman, David J Criden

  15. Exotic Drama

    Big dramatic slow tension building dramatic orchestral piece with elements of World music featuring African and Indian Instruments along with contemporary western instruments

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg