Tracks (7)

  1. A Vision Of Light

    Emotive, Inspiring, Romantic, Feeling Good

    Komponiert von Robert Brady Mervak, Coulton P. Weatherston

  2. Chillin Out

    Chill trip hop peace with a cool bass and a hip lead sound.

    Komponiert von Alexander Tobias Orest

  3. Congo Rundown

    Big Percussion drives the fast pace. Slower in the middle. Choir gives a Dark and Siinister feel.

    Komponiert von Richard Bowling

  4. Dominate The Court

    Electronic sports rock with claps and chants

  5. Excitement Builds

    Up-tempo driving track with BIG action hits, and metal hits. Pulsing marcto strings.

    Komponiert von Gary A Piatt

  6. Pulse

    Fast, tense action. Change of feel halfway

    Komponiert von Richard Bowling

  7. Soothing My Soul

    Ambient trip hop with hope, the middle section has a more melancholy tone. Steady beat.

    Komponiert von Alexander Tobias Orest