Tracks (11)

  1. Mysterious Surfer

    Surf Style Solo, Intro feels Sad. Sounds like someone standing on the beach remembering the glory days of the classic surf era.

    Komponiert von Amos Edward Carlen

  2. Ancient Times

    Orchestral instrumental with emotional, worried violin and bell instrumentation. Gives a feeling of sadness, worry and hopelessness.

    Komponiert von Dennis P. Coronel

  3. Dawn Walker

    Orchestral instrumental with somber piano instrumentation. Gives a sense of sadness or emptiness. Percussion creates an ebb and flow in the track.

    Komponiert von Aijalon J Redmond, Dennis P. Coronel

  4. Dream Speak

    Orchestral instrumental with emotional instrumentation. Gives a sense of impeding darkness as if a shadow has be cast.

    Komponiert von Dennis P. Coronel

  5. Gloomy Voices

    Orchestral instrumental with an ominous, haunting choir progression. Makes you feel like something evil and sinister is about to happen.

    Komponiert von Dennis P. Coronel

  6. Lonely Dusk

    Orchestral instrumental with dark piano instrumentation. Percussion builds tension throughout the track and gives a feeling of a negative discovery.

    Komponiert von Dennis P. Coronel, Aijalon J Redmond

  7. Mysterious Romance

    Innocent sounding Wind Instrument and Deeply Romantic Strings

    Komponiert von Richard D Bowling Jr

  8. Over The Water

    Sad trip hop piece with a little hope in the middle section. Haunting piano melody with ambient sound.

    Komponiert von Alexander Tobias Orest

  9. Shadow Weeps

    Somber, gloomy and dark guitar driven instrumental cue.

    Komponiert von Errol F. Coombs, Dennis P. Coronel

  10. Soul Searching

    Slow-tempo piano and string track. Reflective and soothing.

    Komponiert von Gary A Piatt

  11. Tragedy

    Sadness and Devastation

    Komponiert von Richard D Bowling Jr