Tracks (9)

  1. Lies And Deception

    Dramatic, mysterious and suspenseful track that builds into an orchestral drama scene. Good for waiting/tension scenes.

    Komponiert von Michael David Barresi, Lydia Lilian Ashton

  2. Sad Paradise

    Moody yet mellow track that's good for the background to a pensive, thoughtful scene outside a train window or a rainy night in the city.

    Komponiert von Dennis P. Coronel

  3. Tension Presenter

    Great mood build based on orchestral percussion and metallic effects. Battle drums start to build.

    Komponiert von Peter Liljeqvist, Martin Andreas Veida

  4. The Big Chase

    Intense orchestral suspense/drama track with epic strings and percussion hits. Reminiscent of Lord of the Rings.

    Komponiert von Tom Linden

  5. Somewhere Left Behind

    Someone is moving calmly to a new destination. The track builds over time with a clean guitar and drum beat.

    Komponiert von Robbie Pittleman

  6. Skyrim

    Sounds like the opening to a fantasy video game or film. Sweeping, moody strings create a sense of drama.

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  7. Stop The Clocks

    RTV Dramatic

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  8. Tumble From The Sky

    Tragic dramatic electric guitar solo over sad string pads. Gives a sense of a defeated hero.

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  9. Victorious Return

    Grand royal victorious cue with brass and strings. Sounds like an Olympic triumph scene.

    Komponiert von Daniel Shao Yeh Yen