Tracks (16)

  1. Heating Up

    Euro Dance with Thumping Bass, Breakdown and Build in the middle. Buzzy and rhythmic synth melody.

    Komponiert von Michael David Barresi

  2. House Boi

    Club/Euro track with bright synths create a sense of medium-tempo energy.

    Komponiert von Jacqueline Halm Hopkins

  3. Mau5trap

    A Euro dance track with elements of dubstep in the transitions. Minor key creates a sense of moodiness or melancholy wistfulness.

    Komponiert von Jacqueline Halm Hopkins

  4. Xcess

    House dance track with a sense of disorientation and moodiness that gives way to hope.

    Komponiert von Jacqueline Halm Hopkins

  5. Beloved One

    Euro Trance, Arpeggiated Bass, various synth arrangements. Track sounds hopeful and upbeat.

    Komponiert von Julio Cesar DelaGarza-Cuan

  6. Endurance Euro

    Euro Trance, Jumpy Bass line with Saw synth leads. Sounds like a rave.

    Komponiert von Julio Cesar DelaGarza-Cuan

  7. Euro Rave Beats

    Hard Euro Beat, with Pads, and Buzz Lead Synths. Creates a great sense of party/rave energy.

    Komponiert von Julio Cesar DelaGarza-Cuan

  8. Venga Dudes

    Euro Trance, with mood swinging synths and very strong pounding drum kick.

    Komponiert von Julio Cesar DelaGarza-Cuan

  9. Euro Fest Milan

    Upbeat Euro House dance club track with a youthful vibe and dubstep stutter transitions. Crash stinger ending.

    Komponiert von Maria L Christopher, Ayal Naor

  10. Conveyor Belt

    Happy Euro Party Song that sounds like people partying in a dance club.

    Komponiert von Matt Nawada

  11. Cozy Club

    Grooving House, Runway/Fashion Music with a Euro dance feel

    Komponiert von Matt Nawada

  12. Get Dirty

    Grooving House track with a Euro Chic feel and dirty bass. Would work for a fashion or bikini show, or dance club with dark undertones.

    Komponiert von Matt Nawada

  13. I Heart Drama

    A track that's great for today's breaking news or fashion shows. Steady Thump of drums makes this track great for movement of segments or scenes.

    Komponiert von Matt Nawada

  14. Slingshot Club

    Cool club pop house feel, fashionista music. This track has an ultra current feel with constant movement.

    Komponiert von Matt Nawada

  15. Stiletto Rave

    Cool fashion music, great for news clip montage. Features synth and accordion over house beat, Euro contemporary chic

    Komponiert von Matt Nawada

  16. All Night

    Euro house track. High energy with fat bass.

    Komponiert von Christopher Robert Welch