Tracks (31)

  1. And Breath

    Gentle pads and meditative bells create a sense of warmth and peace. Drum beat gradually enters around 1:50.

    Komponiert von Dean Wagg

  2. Alien Scream

    Ambient sci-fi electronic atmosphere sounds like the inside of an alien spaceship.

    Komponiert von Peter Liljeqvist, Martin Andreas Veida

  3. Hong Kong Garden

    Ambient electronic track with an Eastern feel. Features acoustic guitar, piano, and metallic percussion.

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  4. The Future Of Sex

    Erotic track featuring a woman's heavy breathing. Spoken word at 1:30 and following.

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  5. The Phenomenon Is Here

    Deep bass-y drums and a trip-hop beat overlaid with male voice spoken word and gospel chorus.

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  6. Vanished Again

    Metallic percussion and cold-sounding synth pads over a beat create an ÐicyÓ sound.

    Komponiert von Martin Andreas Veida, Peter Liljeqvist

  7. After The Storm

    Painful time of reflection in the aftermath of a storm.

    Komponiert von Gary A Piatt

  8. Forbidden

    Soft Rock track that would fit well into a sexy movie scene

    Komponiert von Jeffrey Troy McGaha

  9. Belly Belly Scary

    Euro Style Dance Track-w-Mystical Melody

    Komponiert von Robert N Klonel, Kevin Lawrence Hirshorn

  10. Breakups & Makeups

    Melodic emotional, smooth & sensitive pop. Entertainment, Chat, News & Reality TV.

    Komponiert von Edd Charmant

  11. Chemnistry

    Deep, spacey vibe with immersive bass and plucky synths

    Komponiert von Queens Road

  12. Dreamerz

    Dreamy and Funky similar to the album Oxygen by Jean Michel Jarre

    Komponiert von David Christopher Banks

  13. Fun Report

    Nerdy electronic track with "liquid computer" sound effects and 8bit nuances

    Komponiert von Edward Asanti Fields, Daniel Nkazi Fields

  14. In The Circle

    Rhythm and Synth Layers with loose feel

    Komponiert von Maarit Maritta Korhonen

  15. La Mode

    Sophisticated laid-back smooth bass, melo keys and electronics create a true classy retro dance track

  16. Nasty Habit

    Starts out moody, then a big beat comes in with guitar distortion

    Komponiert von Jerome Rossen

  17. Out On The Town

    Light urban, light drama

    Komponiert von Jerome Rossen

  18. Reflective

    Piano track with synths and drums with a sad emotional feel. Claps come in at 0:36.

    Komponiert von Tim Tully

  19. Relief Bounce

    Happy cute string driven song with pop beat, beautiful piano melody, and sparkle ornamentation with button ending.

    Komponiert von Colin Harold ODonohoe

  20. Runny Nose

    Jazz Trip

    Komponiert von Aijalon J Redmond

  21. Sad Beach

    Sounds that you would hear at an exclusive private beach at midnight.

    Komponiert von Joshua Nyback

  22. Shah Dancers

    Moody rhythmic electronica with driving synths and drums for a dancey feel

    Komponiert von Queens Road

  23. Sophistication

    Late night funky lounge poop. Cocktails in the VIP area.

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  24. Stars Above

    Spacey four-on-the-floor track that elicits wonder and intrigue

    Komponiert von Bryan Lee Brown

  25. Street Justice

    Sounds like an 80's criminal case is about to be solved.

    Komponiert von Joshua Nyback

  26. Strut The Town

    Electronic, Funky, Humorous piece that shifts feel in the middle

    Komponiert von Jeffrey Troy McGaha

  27. Suburbia Ex

    Smooth bass, catchy strings riff and hip drums create a ultra cool simple hip hop piece

    Komponiert von Edd Charmant

  28. Sunny Days

    Dreamlike electronica with punchy breakbeats

    Komponiert von Aijalon J Redmond

  29. Top Shelf

    Light electronic track with a cool and relaxed feel.

    Komponiert von Joshua Nyback

  30. Trendsetter

    Upbeat dance cue with a bit of mystery with strings and a filmy piano riff.

    Komponiert von Tracey James Marino, Vance Marino

  31. Urban Electro

    Light electronic action, good backround for serious story.

    Komponiert von David J Criden, Efrem Van Bergman