Tracks (18)

  1. You Live More Than Twice

    Super retro jazz spy track. Picture James Bond on a mission with Inspector Clouseau.

    Komponiert von Manuel Randi, Marco Facchin

  2. Uncle Nester's Hideaway

    Retro lounge spy track with contemporary rhythm track

    Komponiert von Robbie Pittleman

  3. Tough As Nails

    Slower rock beat with prominent bass and tight, chunky guitars, which breaks down to a bridge with synth arpeggio. Has a tight, stinger ending.

    Komponiert von Richard Krusky

  4. Then And Only Then

    Suspenseful "spy-feel" piece sounds like covert activity on a sultry night.

    Komponiert von Charles Berman

  5. The Run

    Growing tension builds in this jazzy, fast moving chase scene. The track features a relaxed mood in the middle and an explosive reprise at the end.

    Komponiert von Pietro Maria Benedetti

  6. The Elite Squad

    Could work either for a spy drama or a spy comedy. Has lots of punctuation and hits.

    Komponiert von Edd Charmant

  7. The Chase

    Great track for a chase scene with a tension build. Features heavy, driving percussion.

    Komponiert von Pietro Maria Benedetti

  8. Suspense 1

    Electronic instrumental with a strange mix of Ominous tension and Humor. Sort of a 60's Spy Flavor.

    Komponiert von Joseph Perlaky

  9. Sunset Strip

    Driving rock beat with clean, spy-style guitar (James Bond-ish), which breaks down to a softer bridge with a synth pad. Has a tight, stinger ending.

    Komponiert von Richard Krusky

  10. Spy Surf

    Great for a comedy retro spy scene. Think of Spy vs Spy in a surfing duel. Features surfguitars.

    Komponiert von Brad Swanson, Chad M Watson

  11. Sands Of Forever

    Arab-Pop-like-beat is intoxicating and filled with mysterious longing; breathing accents from 1:47 evoke intrigue in a dark, hot desert.

    Komponiert von Charles Berman

  12. Real Chilled

    Jazz instrumental with moving bass line, flute, harp, xylophone, and strings. Sounds like a scene of intrigue or a plan for a heist.

    Komponiert von Jeremy K Lloyd

  13. New Suit Sunglasses And An Old Shotgun

    Retro lounge spy track with contemporary elements. Has a killer bass line.

    Komponiert von Robbie Pittleman

  14. Espionage

    Cool thrilling industrial rock catchy and melodic instrumental with great bassline and processed drums.

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  15. Escape From Romania

    Suspenseful track with lots of percussion punctuation,featuring a violin solo. Has an Eastern European vibe.

    Komponiert von Kelvin Boon Hern Tan, Georgina Marie Ann St George

  16. Circle Of Truth

    Latin-Arab fusion evokes mystery and exotic scenes in a modern Middle Eastern city.

    Komponiert von Charles Berman

  17. Blame John

    jazz track with stand up bass strings and guitar. Creates a dark and shifty mood with a laid-back vibe.

    Komponiert von Jeremy K Lloyd

  18. Black Ops

    Orchestral spy track with electronic elements. Works well for the opening theme to a spy show.

    Komponiert von Edd Charmant