Tracks (36)

  1. Janglow

    A thoughtful-sounding track with changing moods that ends in hope.

    Komponiert von David Christopher Banks

  2. Daybreak

    Echoing guitars and laid-back vibe create a warm-sounding track.

    Komponiert von John Walden

  3. Dreamer

    Soothing and mellow track with a rock drum beat and an adult-contemporary sound.

    Komponiert von John Walden

  4. Enchanting

    A piano driven inspirational piece with a very dreamy, whimsical, light-hearted mood.

    Komponiert von Brian Wetzel, Andrew Wysong

  5. Light And Easy

    Adult contemporary soft rock track with a sense of internal introspection and hope.

    Komponiert von Jarno Huhtanen

  6. Quest

    Rich, warm orchestra and piano. Could portray personal endeavor or the openness of large landscapes.

    Komponiert von Dorian Kelly

  7. Evolving World

    Sounds like the soundtrack to an epic dream.

    Komponiert von Tom Linden

  8. Be Still My Heart

    Orchestral Ballad that builds throughout and has a racing string line throughout

    Komponiert von Jeffrey Troy McGaha

  9. Perfect Peace

    Piano and solo violin track that brings a feeling of serenity and peacefulness

    Komponiert von Jeffrey Troy McGaha

  10. The Truth Be Known

    Orchestral Rock track with a constant guitar pluck that moves along with a musical feel of Every Breath You Take by Sting

    Komponiert von Jeffrey Troy McGaha

  11. Would You Fall In Love

    Orchestral, dramatic piano-based track that has a soaring trumpet line and military snare drum feel in the chorus

    Komponiert von Jeffrey Troy McGaha

  12. The Best Part

    A thoughtful, warm-sounding track.

    Komponiert von Robbie Pittleman

  13. When I Was Younger

    Warm and emotionally moving track featuring piano and plucked strings.

    Komponiert von Robbie Pittleman

  14. Underwater Age

    Self-propelling Trip Hop track with hopeful, warm harmonies.

    Komponiert von Queens Road

  15. Can This Be Love

    Warm and emotionally moving track with an attitude of thoughtfulness and hope.

    Komponiert von Dean Wagg

  16. Sunshine Forever

    A track featuring piano and synth pads. Conveys warmth, freedom, and openness.

    Komponiert von Dean Wagg

  17. To The End My Friend

    A thoughtful, warm track that sounds like someone thinking of a friend far away. Big rock beat comes in at 0:48.

    Komponiert von Dean Wagg

  18. Wax Piano

    Ethereal and warm track with a sense of childhood nostalgia.

    Komponiert von Dean Wagg

  19. Skytalker

    A Huge sounding pop/rock piece sounds like Coldplay Paradise

    Komponiert von Dean Wagg

  20. Air Nation

    Sad, but hopefull underscore great for nature scenes or augmenting human emotions.

    Komponiert von Joseph Perlaky

  21. Cold Hope

    Elctronic Pulse keeps momentum. Moody cold Sounds contrast Hopeful chord movement

    Komponiert von Richard D Bowling Jr

  22. Crimson Sun

    Orchestral instrumental with instrumentation that brings promise. Starts with a feeling hopeful and preparedness and turns into a full onslaught of triumphantness which breaks back down to a slow end.

    Komponiert von Dennis P. Coronel

  23. Crosscountry

    Coplandesque, feeling of movement, countryside, travel, simple intro. - Builds to full sound around :10

    Komponiert von Catharine St. Clair Wood, STACEY MARIE ULMER

  24. Day Of Sadness

    Pleasant, melodic instrumental orchestral piece with tranquil piano solo violin lead.

    Komponiert von Joseph Perlaky

  25. Empty Skies

    Simple piano track, ambient pads for thoughtfulTV spot

    Komponiert von Joseph Perlaky

  26. Her Cries [Main]

    Hopeful, sincere and emotional instrumental cue.

    Komponiert von Evan Laflamme, Dennis P. Coronel

  27. Her Cries [No Female Vocals]

    Hopeful, sincere and emotional instrumental cue.

    Komponiert von Dennis P. Coronel, Evan Laflamme

  28. Hopeful Slumber

    Orchestral instrumental with smiling piano and marimba instrumentation. Percussion helps create movement as piano shine like the sun of a new day.

    Komponiert von Dennis P. Coronel

  29. Love Interests

    Beautiful melody, melancholy, orchestral ethereal cue.

    Komponiert von Joseph Perlaky

  30. Lovers Vista

    Forward moving arrangement. Piano theme combines with lite rhythmic percussion midway.

    Komponiert von Joseph Perlaky

  31. Never Quite Like This

    Orchestral instrumental with hopeful, happy string and harp instrumentation. Perfect for scenes of happiness, celebration, or overcoming obstacles.

    Komponiert von Dennis P. Coronel

  32. Passion

    Melodic instrumental suited for love and friendship musical cues.

    Komponiert von Joseph Perlaky

  33. Positive Motion

    Steady, encouraging piano track for a TV spot, good endpoints

    Komponiert von Joseph Perlaky

  34. Shiny Stuff

    Happy and positive with a pulse keeping the sense of movement

    Komponiert von Richard D Bowling Jr

  35. Sweetly Dreamed

    Stringed instruments with a feeling of hope and peace

    Komponiert von Jeffrey Troy McGaha

  36. Tomorrows Dawn

    Beautiful melody featured in this flowing orchestral arrangement with acoustic piano.

    Komponiert von Joseph Perlaky