Tracks (10)

  1. Up Up Away

    Uplifitng, upbeat guitar and strings with melodic soaring theme. Acoustic guitar breakdown in middle, leading into uplifting climax.

    Komponiert von Tracy Brian Smith

  2. We're Sorry

    Guitar driven rock cue with optimistic and inspirational mood that builds from the beginning to the end.

    Komponiert von Brian Wetzel, Andrew Wysong

  3. Rooms Of Life

    Soft rock track that features guitar and keyboard solo. Has a positive 80s feel.

    Komponiert von John Francis Clavin

  4. Brick Over Brick

    Feel-good piano and adult-contemporary rock track would work well for a family reunion.

    Komponiert von Pietro Maria Benedetti

  5. Desert Guitar

    Mellow and expansive-sounding track built on warm synth pads and guitar chords. Sounds like a desert sunrise.

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  6. Finding Beauty

    Open and warm-sounding track in 6/8 meter. Would work well for a reunion, long-lost love found, etc.

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  7. Godrevy Landing

    Positive and uplifting track that would work well for a positive journey towards something or someone.

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  8. Learn To Smile

    Electronic Classical Euphoric track suggesting the style of Sigur Ros. A soft rock track with sweeping, ethereal pads and warm vocals.

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  9. Ode To Joy For These Times Rock

    A hybrid New Age/Classical soft rock track that is a remix of Beethoven's 9th. Warmth and feel-good vibes show through in this track.

    Komponiert von Dean James Wagg

  10. True Feelings

    New Age underscore track featuring guitar and piano. The track has a mood of introspection and hope.

    Komponiert von Lydia Lilian Ashton, Michael David Barresi