Tracks (15)

  1. Gentle Peace

    Introspective piece with meditative grand piano and soaring orchestra evokes peace, serenity and harmony.

    Komponiert von Charles Berman

  2. Sad Memories

    A sad piano track conveying a sense of loss and regret.

    Komponiert von Christopher Robert Welch

  3. A Sign From Above

    Deeply sad and moving spiritual piece for orchestra and choirs. Suitable for a goodbye or funeral.

    Komponiert von Dean Wagg

  4. Downer

    A sad piano track with a sense of motion and action. Drum beat enters at 0:30.

    Komponiert von Dean Wagg

  5. It Always Hurts

    Very fast melancholy track with a sense of forward motion.

    Komponiert von Dean Wagg

  6. Long Way Down

    Very lonely, emotional track that turns into a driving rock song. Rock guitars enter at 0:42.

    Komponiert von Dean Wagg

  7. On The Lake

    Sweeping strings and piano track with a sense of aspiration, longing and hope.

    Komponiert von Dean Wagg

  8. Rise To The End Unplugged

    Sad and haunting orchestral track with a beat that enters around 0:53.

    Komponiert von Dean Wagg

  9. Winning Last

    A simple catchy piano piece starts off almost solo then is joined by full orchestra

    Komponiert von Dean Wagg

  10. Alabama Dew

    Acoustic guitar, bass and drums combine for a wistful, sentimental sound.

    Komponiert von Amos Edward Carlen

  11. Return To Ground Again

    Picked electric guitar and tambourine combine for a wistful, sentimental track

    Komponiert von Amos Edward Carlen

  12. Lost Dreams

    Beautiful Piano melody, Subtle changes, warm ambient pads. A sensitive track.

    Komponiert von Edd Charmant

  13. Release Me

    Haunting Piano and Strings Ballad with a deep longing to be freed from emotional bondage

    Komponiert von Jeffrey Troy McGaha

  14. Sea Love

    Acoustic Guitar Chillout track with full sounding beats touches you emotionally. Beats at 0:42.

    Komponiert von Queens Road

  15. And She Loved Him

    Melancholy and emotionally moving piece for piano, harp, and plucked strings.

    Komponiert von Robbie Pittleman