Tracks (19)

  1. Pickin Up

    Southern Rock Humor with bendy Solo

    Komponiert von David Christopher Banks

  2. Sidewalk Trip

    LIke a funny bit from a bad 60s movie or commercial. Expect pratfalls or physical comedy.

    Komponiert von Julio Cesar DelaGarza-Cuan

  3. Bourbon

    Retro R and B Funky Rhythm Section with Horns, Hammond B3 soloing in Background - Danceable with a nod to James Brown and possibly Santana

    Komponiert von Gordon Simons

  4. Funster

    Like Stray Cat Strut. Funny

    Komponiert von John Walden

  5. Lets Rock And Roll

    Quirky Fast Rock Humor

    Komponiert von Brett A. Pryor

  6. Is That You Django

    Jazzy and a little bit kooky piece featuring electric guitar (with violin and accordion) in a quasi Django style. Could work for a scene in a European restaurant.

    Komponiert von Vincent Russo

  7. Goof Ball

    Hillbillies out of control. Extreme and funny instrumental. Wacky, silly and zany

    Komponiert von Mark J Smith

  8. Happy Cowpoke

    Cowboy humor with fiddle and small orchestra.

    Komponiert von Kelvin Boon Hern Tan, William Gaunce

  9. All Access

    Rather straight-laced dance track, good for characters trying too hard to be cool at a party. Very square sounding dance with humor

    Komponiert von Jeffrey Troy McGaha

  10. Hanky Panky

    Light Orchestral Cue with Humor. Very Cartoon, think of vintage cartoons pre-1950. Pratfalls and slapstick antics will ensue.

    Komponiert von Georgina Marie Ann St George

  11. Blundering Buffoon

    Light orchestral Humor. Cartoon like

    Komponiert von Georgina Marie Ann St George

  12. Blissful Ignorance

    Light orchestral Humor. Cartoon like. Think of a Pixar short animation, possibly set in a caf_in France.

    Komponiert von Georgina Marie Ann St George

  13. Whimsical Adventure

    Light zany and fun instrumental with percussion and reeds

    Komponiert von Mark J Smith

  14. Table Service

    Light Orchestal Humor with Pizz strings. Someone is secretly planning something.

    Komponiert von Tom Linden

  15. Monkey Business

    Cartoon Like Orchestral Light Humor

  16. One Step At A Time

    Quirky Piano Humor. Chopsticks with Pizz. Sounds like two beginners trying to learn to dance for the first time.

    Komponiert von Robbie Pittleman

  17. Ballet De Nez

    Orchestral Light Humor. Very Classical. Sounds like it could work for the hippo dance scene in Fantasia.

    Komponiert von Vincent Russo

  18. Tickled Pink

    Looney tunes type orchestral piece with slapstick elements including Jaw Harp.

    Komponiert von Vincent Russo

  19. The Elephant In The Room

    Goofy, plodding orchestral piece with jaunty tune meant to evoke a chuckle.

    Komponiert von Vincent Russo