Retro | Authentisch

Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork ACL129

1960'S Rock

Psychedelic rock with a hip hop edge and an eastern flare

Artwork UBM 2261

The Hustler

Funky, retro and jazzy tunes that work perfectly for movies about casinos, gangsters and trickeries.

UBM 2261
Artwork UBM 2242

Better Be Cool

Jazzy big band sounds with class and and a lot of funk. Retro 1960s and 70s vibe, yet modern production for a variety of uses in film, advertisement, TV shows and entertainment.

UBM 2242
Artwork UBM 2102


Cheerful easy listening tunes featuring the Botho Lucas Voices

UBM 2102
Artwork UBM 2250

Dolce Italia

Airy, bright and mediterranean soundtrack. Creates a feeling of joy and pleasure and it is ideal for cooking programs and warm images in family programs.

UBM 2250
Artwork ACL138

Retro Series: Laidback & Groovy

This Aircraft Retro Series has 50's doo-wop for a day at the beach to sleek 70's jazz waltzes for dinner at a swanky restaurant.

Artwork ACL172

Holiday Kitsch

From cute to tacky, this disk will do the trick if you're looking to add a bit of humor to your Holiday projects.